Hi everybody ! My name is Alex Simon /29/ and I come from Slovakia. This is my website, where I will share my backpacking stories from around the world. If you like adventure & fun, then you are at the right place. A few years ago I decided to start a new life. It meant that after a few knee surgeries I decided to finish my professional sport carrier and start a new life. Traveling was always my dream, and finally I had enough time to realise it. So a dream became a reality and now I love it. Enjoy my videos & get inspired!


Backpacking in Sri lanka

Sri Lanka, 2016 oct-nov.

 Sometimes you just have to leave behind your problems and get lost somewhere, The following playlist of travel documentaries from Sri Lanka shows you a different type of the world, So let me entertain you and enjoy. Watch the full playlist

of the Phi Phi Island

Thailand, 2016 nov.

“It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times…”
Just to be honest - it was my second time on the Phi Phi islands. I really love this place, so i would go there again and again...
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Swimming with the whale sharks

Philippines, Cebu - Oslob, 2013 dec

Don´t let your dreams be just dreams.
Swimming with whale sharks is possible. the only thing you can do :
Go for it and live your dreams
Watch the full video

Machu Picchu

Peru, 2015 april

Machu Picchu is one of the most incredible places where i have ever been, Follow the link to watch the all episode of the hidden town of incas.
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Backpacking in America

the best experience ever

In january 2015 i left my home to get some new experiences. After 6 months backpacking i returned home as a new person. Here you can watch my best moments of my staying in USA and South America

The only one passenger

Nobody else booked a flight

During backpacking in Asia i booked a flight to the one of the most beautiful island of the world - to Boracay. I think it was the luckiest day of my life because no one else booked this flight - only me - so i flew by myself, The video i filmed got viral and i became famous 

Magical Ibiza

The summers of my life

"Ibiza opened everything in my life. It changed me. It gave me the name "Loco". It let me understand myself.  Find out who i am. That was for me the experience of my life. And I´m happy that i experienced it "
                                   (Loco Dice)

Top 10 beaches 

The most beautiful beaches
i ever visited

In the following video i collected the top 10 beautiful beaches i have ever visited. Watch the full video on YouTube and get inspired for your next adventure


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